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online tarot card reader lauren kelley holst founder of digitarot

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One-time readings and subscriptions:


"Wow! This was amazing.
My chest and my gut physically felt every word you said with kindness and power. THANK YOU!
I just love how one card after another were so connected. Thank you for sending your voice."

"Aah thank YOU! That was my first tarot experience, and it was super interesting. Those themes were really on point!


Thanks for sharing your passion, I learned a lot!"

"This was so interesting and wonderful to listen to. I appreciate you considering everything that I wrote to you.
Your advice/insight regarding my ex husband was incredibly helpful and spot on."
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Photo Credit: Mallory Brooks Photography

trusted online and virtual tarot card psychic reader



You'll get regular tarot readings at a significantly lower cost. Not to mention member-only perks like:

  • The Weekly Oracle (see FAQ below)

  • Exclusive 10% off discount code

  • Early access to events


Every member receives a unique 10% off discount code that applies site-wide.


This can be used towards tarot readings, gift certificates and any Digitarot offerings for as long as you're a member.



Spiritual and emotional wellness are just as important as physical wellness.


As a member you'll receive consistent weekly and monthly guidance that will address all aspects of your life.


You may not know it, but from my perspective you are part of an incredible community of *mostly* women.


As a member you'll be the first to know about exclusive virtual and in-person Digitarot community events.



1. Subscribe


2. Gain Clarity + Tools


3. Evolve

online tarot card reader lauren kelley holst founder of digitarot
"We are living in massively transformational times. 
I'm here to be a guide, not a guru."
Lauren Kelley Holst, Digitarot Creator

Photo Credit: Mallory Brooks Photography


What is The Weekly Oracle?

This is an oracle card reading from me (Lauren, Digitarot founder) that I will text every Sunday to members.


The Weekly Oracle includes a collective oracle card reading as well as astrological updates and other intuitive insights to help you gain clarity, get centered and plan for your week ahead.

Can I pick my tarot topic each month?

Yes! I will check-in with you before your monthly reading to see if there is anything in particular you'd like me to focus on. If you prefer that I choose for you, that works too!

What's the difference between a 4, 6 and 10-card tarot reading?

The more cards in the reading, the deeper the reading. For in-depth spiritual guidance select the Illuminator or Mystic level.

What if a monthly tarot reading feels like too much?

If you're still processing you previous month's tarot reading, gift your upcoming month's tarot reading to a friend! I'll provide you with a unique promo code that you can share with them to access one complimentary tarot reading.

What if I need to cancel?

Your subscription will auto-renew each month and you can cancel at any time.

Are you still doing one-time tarot readings?


Absolutely! I will continue to offer one-time tarot readings, too.

"I've always been drawn to the magical and mystical. When I was 9 years old I requested a celestial-themed bedroom. I have early memories of feeling connected to Egypt for no logical reason.


I started noticing sequential numbers, particularly 444, at age 12. I've had prophetic dreams. The list goes on and on.

Most of my career has been in leadership and business development for students, entrepreneurs, business owners and artists. I see the unseen and love to be a part of guiding and channeling it into the 3D.

In 2017 I bought my first tarot deck at the Modern Mystic Shop in Atlanta and began pulling cards for myself, friends and family. In 2019 on what's called the Lion's Gate Portal (August 8th) I texted a photo of the cards and the meaning to my friend - this was my aha of 'Tarot Readings Texted.'

Digitarot has evolved into a business that provides guidance-to mostly women-in these transformational times. It's my honor to be the channel."

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Digitarot Creator

Photo Credit: Mallory Brooks Photography


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