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Crafted with care, your reading is shaped with personally curated questions. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of a live intuitive voice recording, where the cards come to life with insights and revelations, spoken just for you.


Receive a custom mantra, affirmation, or a recommended resource to further enrich your path ahead. Delve into this mystical experience and uncover the secrets held within the cards, guiding you towards clarity, understanding, and empowerment. 


Your Tarot Reading Texted Includes:


  • Photo of the Cards from your Tarot Reading
  • Personally Curated Questions
  • Live Intuitive Voice Recording  of your Tarot Reading
  • Custom Mantra, Affirmation or Recommended Resource
  • Texting 1:1 with Lauren before and after your reading


*You can share any specific question in the 'Notes' section upon checkout or via email*


Tarot Reading Texted

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