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Every Digitarot Reading Includes:


  • Photo of the Cards from your Tarot Reading
  • Personally Curated Questions
  • Live Intuitive Voice Recording  of your Tarot Reading
  • Custom Mantra, Affirmation or Recommended Resource


Pick Your Price allows you to select a Digitarot Reading that's within your needs and desires. The more cards in the reading, the more in depth I go.


If you'd like a custom amount higher than $80, or would like to inquire about group readings or event bookings, please email me at

Love Tarot Reading

  • With this tarot reading I will hone in on Love in your life. Whether you're single, taken, looking for love or focused on self-love - there's always a place for Love.


    Example questions that your Digitarot Reading will address might include:


    Where have I been with love?

    Where am I now?

    Where am I headed?

    What do I love about myself?

    What is my partner's priority?

    What is my priority?

    What does our future look like together?

    What does it look like if we get back together?