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Release and Refresh: A step-by-step Full Moon Release Ritual

This Saturday, October 28, 2023 is a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. This event closes the ‘eclipse window’ that we will have been in for 14 days. The eclipse window ‘opened’ with the Solar Eclipse (New Moon) that happened fairly recently on Saturday October 14, 2023. Remember that?

During this window and portal between the two eclipses it is believed that the energy is ripe for evaluation. I think of it as preparing for harvest. Taking note of what has grown, what’s ready to be picked, what needs to be weeded out and so on.

It is also believed that during this window of time (October 14-28), the access to other dimensions, spirits, souls and passed on loved ones is very open. I have certainly felt this connectivity. Lights have been flickering, fans spinning, cars stopping, frogs appearing. It has been entertaining to say the least!

At the end of this window, on October 28th, the energy is potent for RELEASING thoughts, feelings, relationships, projects or anything. Releasing can mean letting go and clearing out - and it can also mean expressing, releasing something from within you to outside of you.

As you reflect on what stays and what goes, may I offer you this ritual to close out your eclipse window. It is recommended to complete this ritual any time AFTER the Full Moon strikes. So, that would be any time after 4:24 p.m. this Saturday (10/28), but ideally before Wednesday (11/1). Enjoy! Contact me with any questions.


  1. Gather your supplies:

    1. Candle

    2. Matches or lighter

    3. Two pieces of paper

    4. Pen

    5. Music (Spotify, Apple Music, whatever platform you use)

  2. Prepare your space: Ideally you are in a quiet place where you can be contained, relaxed, and uninterrupted. Close the door and turn your phone on silent if possible. Cleanse the space with sage if you have it. Contact me if you have questions about Saging 101!

  3. When performing a ritual, it can be enjoyable and helpful to have music or a mantra playing. Pick any song you’d like. If you want a recommendation I suggest this track.

  4. Prepare your body, mind a spirit: Settle in. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Notice where in your body you feel tension. Stretch and breathe into those areas.

  5. Light your candle. *Note: if you have a small spell candle, you can put the flame on the bottom of the candle, and then stick it to a small plate. Another option is to put it in a jar of sand or salt to hold it upright. Any candle will work!

  6. What you want to KEEP: On one piece of paper begin writing out all of the key things, ideas, and most importantly FEELINGS that you want to KEEP in your life right now. Feelings are important because they hold the vibration of what we will attract.

  7. What you want to RELEASE: Next, on the other sheet of paper, write down everything you want to RELEASE, let go or express. Once complete, rip up this sheet of paper only.

  8. Now, while focusing on what you want to keep, and how those things make you feel, sit cross legged in front of the candle.

  9. Candle meditation: while gazing at the candle, repeat: “I relish in the magic of what I choose to keep.” You can say this aloud or in your head. Repeat it over and over.

  10. Continue until the candle is fully melted or you are ready to be complete. Challenge yourself to gaze at the candle and meditate on your KEEPS for at least ten minutes.

  11. Close the ritual: thank any ancestors, spirit guides, loved ones and yourself. Cleanse the space with sage if you have it!

I hope you enjoy the magic of this Full Moon Release Ritual. Contact me with any questions! or DM me @digitarot. xoxo


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